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The importances of PCB layout

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PCB Layout is an important part in the PCB design process. Layout results will directly affect the effect of wiring, so you can think that reasonable layout is the first step in the success of PCB design.

Especially the pre-layout is the process that thinking about the signal flow direction , heat dissipation, structure of whole circuit board. If the layout fails, it much effort will be wasted later.

pcb-layout-300x183 The importances of PCB layout
circuit board layout

Considering the overall layout

Whether a product is successful or not, firstly we should pay attention to internal quality, and the second is to take into account the overall beauty, both are more perfect in order to believe that the product is successful.

In a PCB board, component layout requirements should be balanced and orderly density, not top-heavy or a heavy head.

Is the PCB deformable?

Is the process edge reserved?

Are MARK points reserved?

Do you need a puzzle?

How many laminates can ensure impedance control, signal shielding, signal integrity, economy and realization?


Eliminating low-level errors

Does the size of the printed board match the size of the processing drawing? Can it meet the requirements of PCB manufacturing process? Are there any locating marks?

Are there any conflicts between components in 2D and 3D space?

Is the layout of the components orderly and orderly? Are all the cloth finished?

Is it possible to change the components that need to be replaced frequently? Is it convenient for the plug-in board to be inserted into the equipment?

Is there a proper distance between the heat sensitive element and the heating element?

Is it convenient to adjust the adjustable components?

Is there a radiator in place where heat is needed? Is the air flow clear?

Is the flow of the signal smooth and the shortest interconnection?

Are there any contradictions between the plug and socket and the mechanical design?

Is the line interference considered?


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