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Do you know a double-sided circuit board

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With the rapid development of high-tech, people need the electronic products which have high performance, small size, multi-function and so on, to develop the manufacture of printed circuit board to light, thin, short, small, so the manufacturing of printed circuit board will develop lighter, thinner, shorter and smaller, to achieve more features in the limited space, wiring density and smaller hole diameter.

Double-sided PCB

The double-sided pcb have wiring on both sides. However, if you want to use both sides of the wire, you must have proper circuit connection between the two sides. The bridge between such circuits is called via, which is a small hole filled or coated with metal on the PCB, It can be connected with the wires on both sides. Because the area of the double-sided pcb board is twice as large as that of the single-sided, and because the wiring can be interleaved (round to the other side), it is better suited for circuits that are more complex than a single-sided pcb board.

double-sided-300x220 Do you know a double-sided circuit board

In fact the double-sided pcb is one of important pcbs in the pcb fields, whose purpose is great, and distinguish a double-sided board is also very simple, and double-sided is a single-sided extension, mean single-sided the lines are not enough to go to the opposite, there are important characteristics of double-sided pcb is a via hole.

In a word, there are lines on both sides is double-sided pcb board.

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