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How to make double-sided PCB

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Double-sided PCB

Double sided PCB is the printed circuit board that can connect the double sided PCB board line in the two sides of the PCB board. It is widely used in high-tech industries, such as telecommunications, power supply, computer, industrial control, digital products, scientific and educational instruments, medical equipment, automobiles, aerospace defense, etc.

Technological process of Double-sided Circuit Board : trimming the peripheral dimensions of the circuit board – copying – drilling location – sticking glue, painting – etching – Cleaning – removing glue – fine sandpaper shining – paint rosin water.

3-300x238 How to make double-sided PCB


1.The surface of the copper clad laminate which meets the requirements of size is polished with fine sandpaper, and then the wiring diagram is copied to the copper clad board with carbon paper.

2.drilling with diameter 1.0mm bit, positioning the mouth, and then glue (or paint).

3.after pasting the glue, a thick sheet should be placed on the board and pressed with the palm on the top. The purpose is to make all the adhesive paste and the copper plate paste more firmly. It can also be used hair dryer heating if necessary, and can use the right glue to strengthen the viscosity, due to the use of the adhesive with good adhesion, and the adhesive tape and thin, the glue of the system board, the effect is good, is generally not subject to further heat treatment.

4.general using iron trichloride as corrosion solution concentration, corrosion rate and corrosion liquid, temperature and corrosion process to take to ensure the system board jitter, and improve the quality of corrosion rate, jitter and heating method can be used.

5.after finishingthe corrosion, rinse with tap water, remove the adhesive tape and wipe the printing plate dry.

6.Rub the plate with a fine cloth until it is polished and then immediately apply the rosin solution.When applying rosin water, the printed circuit board should be tilted and repainted with rosin water to avoid the flow of rosin water to the back of the hole.


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