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Introduction of PCB Assembly

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As we all know that firstly you should complete the pcb layout and design and then you can start the PCB assembly, so now we’re briefly talking about the PCB assembly.


PCB  assembly

After the layout and design and layout are done, PCB assembly process starts. A PCB is created using any chosen material, most commonly, FR4. The electronic components are fit onto the PCB using a variety of assembly processes such as surface mount technique or a through-hole construction. The components used should also be compatible with the assembly process used.


Choice of  PCB assembly

The choice of PCB assembly depends upon the complexity of the PCB design. Surface mount assembly technique is increasingly gaining popularity because it helps in miniaturizing any PCB. For a high frequency RF PCB, surface mount assembly reduces the noise and reflections and for any PCB where these restrictions don’t apply, we choose a PCB assembly which minimizes cost.


Cost of  PCB assembly

The assembly cost depends upon the type and quality of the assembly process used. The cost of layout and design are dependent upon each other as well. Also, if the layout is poor, the assembly costs might be greater and a better PCB layout can reduce the assembly and production costs.


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