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How we secure your PCB quality-Part 1:DFM(Design For Manufacture)

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PCB quality control system

Want to know how we guarantee the quality of each PCB? Want to know more about the quality control system of PCB manufacturing? Then this series is for you, it includes 11 articles:

PCB-quality-control4 How we secure your PCB quality-Part 1:DFM(Design For Manufacture)
Flying Tech PCB quality control system

In this series, we will use our expertise to answer these problems as best as we can: which production stage will these processes take place in, what these process check, are they necessary for each project.

If you have any doubt, welcome to email or call our specialist team to discuss your problems.

Then let’s start the first article – Design for Manufacturing (DFM).

DFM How we secure your PCB quality-Part 1:DFM(Design For Manufacture)

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) is the general engineering art of designing products in such a way that they are easy to manufacture. Somebody may confuse it with DRC(Design rule checking), please click DFM, DRC to know more about these two processes.

Actually, DFM and DRC can take place in parallel, a experienced designer will always takes a list of rules specific to the manufacturing process into the design software. While sometimes the designer will find that when shifting the production of their old design which have been manufactured for many times to their new PCB manufacturer, the manufacturer will raise some engineering queries that never be mentioned by their old manufacturer. These happen because these manufacturers have different manufacturing technology and equipment. As a result, the designer has to change their design according to engineering queries otherwise the cost will high or the design can not be produced.

To avoid such problems, we always suggest the customers involve us into the project at the beginning, working with them to understand their needs and support them to solve any problems and challenges that may surface during R&D and later production series.

Checking DRC is designer’s job, checking DFM is our job. Generally after received the files, our CAM engineer will check the files by using Genesis 2000 and emulational software to check, to ensure the minimum modification and the maximum yield rate.  

In general, the items we will check are as follow (including but not limited to):

1.The completeness of the files( Drilling, soldermask, silkscreen, signal layer, power layer, etc);

2.The basic requirements( PCB substrate, thickness, flammability, bow and twist, stack up, PP type, etc);

3. Checking drilling files( position, quantity, hole diameter, the space among hole, line, and edge, etc);

4. Checking soldermask files( the color of ink, the size of open ring, the space among pads, edge, line, routing via style, etc);

5. Checking silkscreen files( the size of each character, the space between pads and character, add the time mark, UL number, manufacturer ID or not, etc);

6.Testing points( whether there are testing points, position, size, quantity).

Each PCB manufacturer has their unique manufacturing technology and different equipment, thus the quotation and engineering queries they offer are different. So before starting your design, considering your requirement and finding a manufacturer that can satisfy your needs.

With 2 high-tech PCB factories and more than 14 years’ experience, we are able to meet special requirements in PCB. Want to know how we meet your expectations? Contact our specialist immediately.


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