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Printed Circuit Board Assembly

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pcb assembly

The Shenzhen Flying IPC certified staff and advanced technology capabilities means YOUR projects will be accurate and delivered on-time.

Shenzhen Flying redefines the standard for responding to your business requirements with our ability to be flexible, quick, and reliable. Our fast responsiveness to customer requests and meticulous attention to detail enables us to meet your tightest deadlines. With a production coordinator overseeing every phase of your project, our five-step visual inspection process, and multiple shifts, Shenzhen Flying efficiently meets “quick-turn” deadlines accurately and on-time.

We assemble printed circuit boards from your design or we can create the CAD layout for you. Shenzhen Flying will build with your supplied fabricated board, or we can provide this as part of our turnkey service. Our long-term relationships with some of the best fabricated board suppliers in the industry ensures you a quality assembly from start to finish.

You may supply your own components or Shenzhen Flying can procure them for you by leveraging our purchasing power. Your inventory is stored in a locked, secure location. For all consigned kits, your supplied materials are audited within 24 hours for any discrepancies before we begin the build. Our advanced component technology experience qualifies us to produce even the most challenging board assemblies. In addition, our easily adaptable, automated equipment allows us to give prompt attention to all low to medium volume manufacturing projects.

Item Capability
Quality Grade Standard IPC 3
Order Quantity 1pc – 5000+ pcs
Build Time 1 – 5 days, 1 – 2 weeks, or scheduled deliveries
PCB Specification Requirements PCB whose width/length is less than 30mm/1.18inch should be panelized
Max board size: 500mm*450mm   or   19.69inch*17.72inch
Assembly Types Surface mount
Mixed technology (SMT & Thru-hole)
Single or double sided placement
Conformal coating
Shield cover assembly for EMI emission control
Solder Type Lead-free – RoHS
Parts Procurement Full Turnkey
Partial Turnkey
Component types SMT 01005 or larger
BGA 0.4mm/15.75mil/0.02inch pitch, POP (Package on Package)
WLCSP 0.35mm/13.78mil/0.01inch pitch
Hard metric connectors
Cable & wire
SMT Parts Presentation Bulk
Cut tape
Partial reel
Stencils Laser-cut stainless steel
Other Techniques Free DFM Review
X-ray inspected
100% AOI test and X-ray test for BGA
IC programming
Components cost-down
Function test as custom
Protection technology

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Prince Jahir Purchasing Manager

I know prototype boards very expensive, but I buy them in a low price and their quality is amazing...The PCB arrived today, well, before the planned date! It is my first time to buy them from China. I was totally shocked by their service and everything they offered-simple payment, fast delivery and nice communication. I love doing things in a quick way, and you, certainly, will receive all of our prototype jobs.

communication-icon-png-150-2 PCB Assembly

Farhan Rizvi Product Engineer

It’s been a week so long, and it’s time to share my big news. My boss does not believe these first until getting PCBs. Excellent small project double-sided boards! Precise manufacturing! Beautiful appearance! Thank God! And thank Flying! I have made this right choice and have been praised by my boss. Is it a good trip? (uh-huh)

communication-icon-png-150-2 PCB Assembly

Mehedi Hasan Purchasing Director

Time is equal to Money. I love this phrase very much. And flying has proven this. I made an order and I noticed that the shipment is earlier and quicker than other PCB firms. Sounds great, and close to the sentence: save time, save money. And yes! I enjoy the service Flying brings to us. And I totally feel at home at Flying. Expecting for another cooperation!

communication-icon-png-150-2 PCB Assembly

Salman Mahdi Product Researcher

Why not choose Flying?

LONGRUN, a LED company, specializes in producing LED screen and is a one-stop service for products invention, production, sales and service, etc. Flying fits our needs perfectly. And this is not the first time to make the order. We keep a long-term cooperation with Flying. And thanks Flying keeping its products all in good quality to us.

communication-icon-png-150-2 PCB Assembly

Saif A Ratul Product Manager

XICHENG was founded in 1992 and stayed in the fields of producing small automobile parts. We have a high and strict demands of our products and cares about every aspects of its components. Thus, we have become an A level automobile parts supplier in China. We met Flying by chance, and it’s nice for us to know Flying. The quality and the service here are all marvelous and surpass the last PCB supplier we work with.

communication-icon-png-150-2 PCB Assembly

Romana Nasrin Product Researcher

We had 8 members studying how to make a kind of multi-functional inter-phone. But we got a trouble soon and could not move on any more. When we were looking for PCB supplier, we found Flying. Flying is an experienced PCB manufacturer and supplier, providing us excellent products and helped us spend the hardship time. As a customer, we always get a quick response from Flying. Good service, and good products.

communication-icon-png-150-2 PCB Assembly

Raihan Ahmed Product Director

When we choose Flying and use their products, we all feel that our locks seem to be much“safer”.--MILI(specialize in making kinds of fingerprint locks)

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Jenifar lofez Purchasing Manager

I have nothing to talk about. I’m a picky man & I pursue for perfection. It persuades me that Flying is a mature PCB manufacturer, and it arises my interests and I tend to make more orders here. From its products to its package, it makes me feel at ease. Of course, I have tested these products. And the result is convinced.

communication-icon-png-150-2 PCB Assembly

Rubel Hossain Product Manager

Are you kidding me? The shipping is too fast. Can you ensure the products quality? But yes! I checked the product again and again with carefulness in case of making some mistakes. But the fact is that these products are good. It’s comfortable to talk with them, and I have enjoyed a nice service in Flying.

communication-icon-png-150-2 PCB Assembly

Delowar Hossain Graphic Designer

I noticed that an order I placed earlier this week shipped a lot quicker than usual (hurrah, this is great!). It looks like it’s come straight from Hungary instead of going via Germany. Is this a new process for you? If so then brilliant – always keen to get faster turnaround but the old 2-3 day pricing just ramps up so fast I could never justify it.

communication-icon-png-150-2 PCB Assembly

Ekramul Kabir Purchasing Director

Just a quick follow up, we received the PCB’s earlier this week and have no complaints about the quality of manufacture or any other aspect of the service, given the quite aggressive pricing we will very likely use Flying again. We found you through a simple web trawl for PCB manufacturers, for our purposes the no-nonsense price on the page quick calculator is probably the best selling tool that you have as it saves us running around for quotes that may or may not appear…

communication-icon-png-150-2 PCB Assembly

John Doe Purchasing Manager

I got a surprise yesterday when I received an email from Flying saying that my boards had been shipped. They arrived this morning at 09:05 ! I only placed the order last Friday – amazing for a 7 day turn around! They look good too. I’ll build one this afternoon and, all being well, put in an order for some more PCBs tomorrow.