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Flex-Rigid PCB

Flex-rigid PCB is involved with rigid and flexible areas which makes itself perfectly suited for a variety of applications. The typical rigid-flex PCB includes two or more conductive layers that make up of either flexible or rigid segregation material between each one – the outer layers may have either exposed pads or covers. Conductors appear on the rigid layers, and plated through-holes on the rigid and flexible layers.

The Merits of Flex-Rigid PCB Technology

It does have sorts of vital merits, though this type of flexible circuit may be very expensive to design and produce. For example, the shortened size makes is easier to put much more components into a smaller space. And it will decrease the overall system costs. Furthermore, the flexible circuit board is proved to be more reliable and require less maintenance in a long run for the needs of fewer interconnects and related parts and components.

Compared with all kinds of flexible PCB, the flex-rigid PCB will keep in a good shape even in the worst environment, especially for some extremely heat.

A rigid flex board is easy to test and make it well-suited for prototyping.

Flex-Rigid PCB Solutions of the Highest Quality

According to our customers, Flying has involved in industries such as medical, telecommunications and manufacturing with our high quality Flex-rigid PCB manufacturing services. We have an in-house quality control department to make sure your boards fabricated and assembled properly. And we guarantee the quality of all aspects as well. Our engineers will perform a Design for Manufacture (DFM) check with no more charges.

Our experienced technical expertise enables us to develop customized flex-rigid PCB for any specific applications. Here is our manufacturing capabilities on flex-rigid PCB:

Item Capability
Quality Grade Standard IPC 2
Number of Layers 2 – 24layers
Order Quantity 1pc – 10000+ pcs
Build Time 2days – 5weeks
Material DuPont (PI25UM), FR4
Board Size Min 6mm x 6mm, Max 457mm x 610mm

Min 0.24inch*0.24inch, Max 17.99inch*24.02inch

Board Thickness 0.6mm – 5.0mm   23.62mil*196.85mil   0.02inch-0.20inch
Copper Weight (Finished) 0.5oz – 2.0oz   17.78um-71.12um
Min Tracing/Spacing 3mil/3mil   0.0762mm/ 0.0762mm
Solder Mask Sides As per the file
Solder Mask Color Green, White, Blue, Black, Red, Yellow
Silkscreen Sides As per the file
Silkscreen Color White, Black, Yellow
Surface Finish HASL – Hot air solder leveling
Lead – free HASL – RoHS
Min Annular Ring 4mil       0.1016mm
Min Drilling Hole Diameter 8mil       0.2032mm
Impedance control Halogen 10%
Other Techniques HDI
Gold fingers
Stiffener (only for PI/FR4 substrate)