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stand-rigid-PCB-300x187 Products & Services

Standard Rigid PCB

This page only touches
standard FR4 based on PCB.

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Prototype-PCB-300x162 Products & Services

Prototype PCB

Developing a PCB prototype offers a fast, cost-effective option for getting your design from concept to production

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-1-300x257 Products & Services

Aluminum PCB

Aluminum Backed PCB tends to solve problems of high power and tight tolerance applications.

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HDI-PCB-1-300x223 Products & Services


The evolution of high density PCB technology has given engineers more imagination and flexibility than ever before.

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flexible-pcb-300x241 Products & Services

Flexible PCB

Flex boards are characterized as a distinctly patterned printed circuitry and components arranged high-precised by a malleable basic material.

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flex-rigid-pcb Products & Services

Flex-rigid PCB

The reduced size makes it easier to fit more components into a smaller space.

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PCBA-300x244 Products & Services

PCB Assembly

For your PC board assembly projects, you do not need to worry about the disconnection which occurs frequently between the fabrication and assembly steps.

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component-300x281 Products & Services

Components Sourcing

With 10+ years experience on PCB fields, we have built a strong cooperative relationship with reliable component suppliers and manufacturers, and make sure our products durability, high-quality and good performance.

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SMT-stencils-300x226 Products & Services

SMT Stencils

Stencils, also called SMT stencils, play a key role in transferring accurate amount of solder paste to correct positions on bare circuit boards ready for assembly.

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